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Toyota Hilux GGN15 03/05>

Vehicle No.:   ACQ 72847
(Vehicle Yard)
Make/Model:   Toyota Hilux, GGN15 03/05>
VIN: MR0GU19G209000054
Engine:   NA
Transmission:   5SPD MANUAL
Year:   2005
Date In Stock:   21 Mar 2019
Parts listed below have been removed from the vehicle and are ready for purchase
  Part:  Vehicle:  Type:  Condition:
Toyota Hilux GGN15 03/05> Air Cond Condenser
Toyota Hilux GGN15 03/05> LF Door Check Strap
Toyota Hilux GGN15 03/05> LF Door Elec Regulator
Toyota Hilux GGN15 03/05> LH Side Step
The parts below have already been sold
    Air Cond Condenser  
    Alloy Road Wheel  
    Bonnet Lock Support  
    Engine Cover  
    Front Bumper Cover  
    Front Bumper Reinforcer  
    Fuel Filter  
    Fuel Line  
    L Bonnet Hinge  
    L Tail Light  
    LF Door Bottom Hinge  
    LF Door Complete  
    LF Door Glass  
    LF Door Top Hinge  
    LF Door Trim Elec  
    LF Door Weather Strip Mould  
    LF Inner Seat Runner  
    LR Cargo Glass  
    LR Cargo Glass Moulding  
    R Bonnet Hinge  
    R Headlight  
    R Tail Light  
    RF Bumper Plastic Reinforcer  
    RF Bumper Retainer  
    RF Door Complete  
    RF Door Elec Mirror  
    RF Guard Liner Clips  
    RF Guard Splash Shield  
    RF Guard/Fender  
    RF Inner Seat Runner  
    Roof Rack  
    Wiring loom Engine Bay  
    Wiring Loom Engine EFI